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Chris, was a joy to work with. He was with us through every phase of purchasing our home. When we had questions he either had the answer or knew where to get the answer. Chris has worked with various professionals in the area and knew who to call/recommend when it came time to get a termite inspection or have someone check the roof out for us. We were very pleased with his recommendations. If you are selling your home or interested in purchasing a home in this area, I highly recommend you contact Christopher Pakietur.
Art & Kathy
Defined by elegance and expertise

Defined by elegance and expertise

In today’s dramatically evolving market, real estate owners face an array of complex challenges and new opportunities. Whether your goal is to acquire or dispose of real estate, our team of experts provides sophisticated deal structuring, reliable real estate intelligence, and strategic marketing to support our clients in their endeavor.

Our team has all the pertinent information our clients require in order to make an informed decision regarding their sale or purchase of real estate. Our team will guide and advise clients at every step along the transaction process. Our purpose is clear and we deliver beyond the expected results.