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What do you say about a professional, caring person with so much empathy for others, what do you call a person like that, well I call him Christopher and my friend , he does business with you in that way that you could consider him a friend not someone you are doing business with. I found the perfect place that I wanted to be in Naples, Florida. I put my offer in and unfortunately it was sold to someone else. It ended up not being sold and Christopher new how much I loved the place and called me and told me it could be mine if I still wanted it. He knew how much I loved it and kept me in mind. That is a person that feels your wants and does something to make it happen for you. Christopher does not stop until he makes it happen, that is a person that you want to on your side. He puts his all in it from the beginning to the end. Everyone has experienced buying a home, a car etc. and when the sale is done and over with so is your salesman or realtor. Not Christopher, he is there from the beginning, in the middle and long after the end. His compassion and willingness will not disappoint you. Christopher made it happen for us and we were the proud owners of our little piece of paradise. Well, years later we decided to sell our that home and purchase another one and who did we call (not ghostbusters) we called Christopher because we knew he would sell that home for us just like he made it happen for us to purchase it. I was stressed out not thinking it would be sold because of the Pandemic and Christopher always put me at ease telling me not to worry he was going to make it happen and he did. House sold.!! Thank you again Christopher for another amazing achievement. I can’t stress enough to anyone out there looking to buy or sell your home, if you want to make it happen call Christopher Pakietur, he will get it done! Thank you Christopher.
Loretta Perretti
Defined by elegance and expertise

Defined by elegance and expertise

In today’s dramatically evolving market, real estate owners face an array of complex challenges and new opportunities. Whether your goal is to acquire or dispose of real estate, our team of experts provides sophisticated deal structuring, reliable real estate intelligence, and strategic marketing to support our clients in their endeavor.

Our team has all the pertinent information our clients require in order to make an informed decision regarding their sale or purchase of real estate. Our team will guide and advise clients at every step along the transaction process. Our purpose is clear and we deliver beyond the expected results.